"Quietly Powerful"

Marriott International was looking to elevate and separate the JW Marriott brand from its other full-service brands, and to target the higher end of executive business travelers. This is a group who strives to rise above the clutter and din of everyday, to eliminate obstacles, noise and hassle, and to pursue a higher perspective. To find the quiet and space they need to focus on what is important.

The organizing idea of Quietly Powerful influenced all aspects of the JW Marriott brand voice. With the visual identity, we challenged ourselves to create a look that was cohesive across the brand yet indigenous to each property. We began the rebrand with the Griffin. We also created a core brand look expressed in black and white with an elevated approach to photography work not often seen in the hospitality industry — clean, open, simple, without clutter. Then, for each property, we used a localized color/texture palette based on local culture/ environment, and photo subject matter that expressed elements of quiet luxury.