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"LIGHT+CO's work on the Steinway & Sons brand has made a significant and measurable impact.

They helped us define the brand’s purpose, values and beliefs after a forty-year hiatus from advertising. They then applied those to develop a unique, elegant, memorable and persuasive campaign idea and executions that had an unprecedented effect: consumers contacting our retail locations with ads in hand, making impulse purchases of over $100K."

Cristina Lilly
Global Head of Marketing, Steinway & Sons

“Sometimes it feels like David and his team know us better than we know ourselves.

"They truly understand the unique nuances and sensitivities of our brand and business. LIGHT+CO's a partner in the truest sense. Most agencies come in with a pre-conceived idea of what the solution should be. LIGHT+CO came in and listened. And then solved from there.”

Lisa Manganello

Chief Marketing Officer, Rockefeller Capital Management

"LIGHT+CO's approach to business is modern and efficient.

In my past working at PR and marketing agencies and now as a business owner hiring them, marketing efforts have often felt decentralized and inconsistent. LIGHT+CO feels like an oracle from which all strategy, counsel and activities stem."

Stephanie Capuano

Founder, 31st State

"LIGHT+CO helped us articulate our reason for being, and then helped us double down on owning it in all we do.

They've unleashed a more natural creativity in our communications, made decision-making clearer, and established boundaries that govern many areas of how we act inside and outside the company."

David Gooding

CEO, Juliska