Mythology, symbology, provenance, and patina are precious brand assets that can also lead to complexity.

We speak the language of heritage brands. Fluently. And we merge that understanding with a modern and dynamic approach to driving relevance and engaging audiences.

We distill all of the layers of a brand's story and imprint into simple yet rich foundations that are ripe for dynamic activation and expression, inviting new audiences to discover what has enticed lovers of the brand for – in many cases – generations.


David Cameron
Founder, Managing Director

Over his career, David has advised countless heritage brands, including Steinway & Sons pianos (1853), Crane & Co stationery (1801), Hästens beds (1852), Coca-Cola (1886), Listerine (1879), Tabasco sauce (1868), Rockefeller Capital Management (1882), the city of New Orleans (1718), and many others.


David formed LIGHT+CO in 2014 with a different approach that was years ahead of the advertising industry. While other agencies were hiring staff, David and the LIGHT+CO team were building a bespoke pool of experts. While others were investing in real estate, they were perfecting remote creativity and relationships. Today, LIGHT+CO works with hundreds of hand-picked industry veterans and has served dozens of clients on four continents.   


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Bespoke teams for every client, every project.

To ensure the highest caliber and best fit strategic and creative advisory for our clients, we build bespoke teams for every client and every project.

We knew the traditional agency model was broken years ago. While others were hiring staff, we were building our pool of experts. While others were investing in real estate, we were perfecting remote creativity and relationships. We built a model for 2021 and beyond, and have been helping brands thrive since 2014. 


"Unlike any agency experience I've ever had. Brilliant creators, thinkers and partners."

Rockefeller Capital Management

Lisa Manganello, Chief Marketing Officer

Our teams are handpicked, vetted and assembled from our global pool of award-winning, diverse, creative, collaborative, entrepreneurial, motivated, and experienced talent across all disciplines. Our people live where they want to live, work how they want to work, and bring their unique experience, perspective, and passion to every project they are part of. 

Our comprehensive services

Strategy essentials

Research & insights

Brand purpose

Brand beliefs & values

Brand positioning

Social media strategy

Story essentials

Brand language

Naming systems

Brand storytelling

Brand voice guidelines

Design essentials


Visual identity systems


Brand books

Design guidelines & templates

Printed materials

Web design

User interface design

User experience design

Usability analysis

Responsive mobile design

Marketing creative

Big, unifying ideas

Multi-channel production

Global campaign management

Branded content

Social content calendars

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Comms strategy

Media planning & buying - for broadcast, print, digital, and paid social

Analytics & optimization

Experience design

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Music branding

Original branded songs

Original scores for branded content

Music mnemonics

Music licensing

"Heritage brands live in three time zones—past, present, and future. This requires an organization whose members understand that the brand is bigger than they are, that they are a link in the chain, with an obligation to leave an even stronger brand to the next generation."

Lund University, Sweden

Professor Mats Urde